The Starlight in the Darkness圖片引自網路A young man had been having a hard time at work after graduation.One night, he bumped into his college 襯衫professor, and talked to hm about his desperate encounter. 有個年輕人畢業後,在職場上度過一段艱難的時期。某晚,她碰巧遇見當年的大學教授,聊到使他禮服絕望的際遇。The old professor did not give any response but stared silently at the sky. After a while, he asked," Exactly how many stars are 禮服there in the sky? " Not undersanding the reference, the young man answered, Innumerable. "老教授沒有任何回應,只是沉默的望著天空。過了一會兒,才酒店打工問到:「天上究竟有多少星星呢?」年輕人不明所以,但仍回答:「多得數不清。」The professor spoke sincerely, "Son, the farthest object we can see in 烤肉the daytime sky is the sun." Then, the professor smiled, " But at night, we can see the stars which are much farther then sun. "教授語重心長的說:網路行銷「孩子,我們在白天能看到天上最遠的東西,就是太陽。」接著她露出微笑,「但在晚上,我們卻可以看見比太陽更遠的星星。」The young man still looked 酒店經紀confused, and the professor explained, " A smooth life is like seeing the sun in the daytime." He patted on the young man's shoulder, " 小額信貸Though you are worrying about your predicament, it is a chance to see the farther stars during dark hours!"年輕人仍一臉茫然,教授便解釋:「一帆風酒店經紀順的人生,就像在白天只能看到太陽。」他拍拍年輕人的肩頭,「雖然你正為困境而憂慮,這卻是在黑暗時分,能看到更遠的星星的機會阿!」 摘自 蒲公英 希望月系統傢俱刊 6月號 『暗夜的星光』
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